Description of the health and safety wholesaler

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Regardless of whether the company's object is commerce, services or production, health and safety articles are an indispensable piece of equipment for any enterprise. According to the law, the entrepreneur is obliged to ensure adequate protection and working conditions in his company. By protecting employees from possible injuries and harmful factors, health and safety articles reduce stress levels, increase the comfort of performing duties, contribute to more effective work and protect the employer from possible employee absenteeism, for example due to injuries. Every employer should approach the process of purchasing them responsibly, paying attention to the quality of the products and, consequently, choosing the right supplier.

One of the more recognised and highly rated companies in the occupational health and safety industry, not only in Poland but also in Europe, is Polstar Holding Wołoszczuk, which has been on the market since 1990. The company's head office is located in Koszalin, but it also has a branch in Ruda Śląska near Katowice and an extensive distribution network in Poland. Its products reach customers throughout Europe. Polstar Holding Wołoszczuk's strongest point is the wide range of brands of the manufactured collections of clothing, footwear, gloves and other protective articles. The company continuously introduces the latest solutions in the design of the offered products, in order to improve not only the aesthetics , but above all the quality and safety. Polstar brands are optimally developed in terms of materials, design and colours. They are also available in a wide range of sizes and have the required European Cat I, II or III certificates.

Compliance with the strict requirements of the European Union gives a sense of security to all those who work with Polstar. Thanks to its reliable service and attractive products, Polstar Holding Woloszchuk has earned unwavering trust in the market for health and safety products. Reliable information about the products on offer, attractive bonus systems, as well as marketing and logistical support, have ensured the company a solid position on the Polish and European markets.

In every workplace, there may be harmful factors that cause injuries or illnesses. By choosing the right OSH supplier, the risk of injury is reduced to a minimum and employees remain in good physical and mental condition. At the same time, the employer does not expose the company to legal problems and indirectly increases the economic efficiency of the company.

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