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Shopify - feed integration
Shopify is a Canadian platform for online stores that are part of SaaS model. Established in 2004 it is one of the most popular solutions used globally offering an extensive set of services for payment, shipping, marketing and... read more >
Prestashop - feed integration
PrestaShop is one of the complex server systems that support online sales. It offers extensive product management, order handling, marketing and customer support. PrestaShop allows the use of external modules... read more >
WooCommerce - feed integration
WooCommerce is an e-commerce plug-in for WordPress-based online stores that enable sales management. It is one of the most popular solutions on the market thanks to its various personalized options and endl ... read more >
Shoper - feed integration
Shoper is a software designed for e-commerce sellers created in 2005 in Poland. As SaaS model service it offers leading solutions responsible for handling sales processes, order management, shipmen ... read more >
KQS Store - feed integration
KQS.store is a shopping platform software that allows orders management and lay-out changes but also enable to provide customer service and planning marketing strategy. It offers numerous integr ... read more >
ShopGold - feed integration
ShopGold, is a comprehensive solution for e-commerce dedicated to online stores that stands out mainly with a sales model based on a one-time purchase. The software includes a package of tools ... read more >
Sky-Shop - feed integration
Skyshop is a Polish software designed to run online stores, B2B sales, and dropshipping sales. Created in 2009 and made available on the SaaS model, it is characterized primarily... read more >
Sellingo - feed integration
Sellingo is a developing e-commerce platform created by the authors of well known tools on the market, such as Sellasist or Sendego. This Polish solution for managing the store and... read more >
Shoplo - feed integration
Shoplo is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms based on the SaaS model. In addition to a dedicated store platform, distinguished by the lack of product limits, its creators offer... read more >