Support in communication with foreign suppliers

If you’re having difficulties in communicating with polish suppliers we can help and do it for you!

In your name, we will contact the supplier and solve your problems regarding XML files, gain any important information you need, and answer all queries that matter to you.


(€21.89 / 1h)

Tax excluded

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  • I don't speak Polish and the wholesaler doesn't reply to my English emails. Can you contact the supplier on my behalf? I have a problem with the XML file. Of course, we can take care of all your issues regarding integration and other important technical matters.
  • I applied to the Polish warehouse with a request to send me an XML file, necessary to import products to my store. Unfortunately, I have a technical problem with downloading them, and I did not get any help from the warehouse on this matter. Can I get help from you? Yes, of course. As part of our service "Support in communication with polish supplier " we can contact the wholesaler and help you clarify the situation. We contact the wholesaler both by e-mail and by phone.
  • I don't speak Polish or English well, can we communicate in my mother tongue? Contact us to arrange individual terms of cooperation as part of the additional service. We communicate in English and German fluently, so we will definitely find a solution.
  • Can you contact 10 wholesalers at once? There are many Polish suppliers I would like to work with. Yes, we can contact any number of wholesalers on your behalf as part of a paid additional service counted hourly.
  • I want to negotiate better terms of cooperation with the supplier, can you do it on my behalf? No, we do not mediate in business negotiations, but only technical aspects related to integration in the context of cooperation with a wholesaler.

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